Vidya Vox - Butterfly Lyrics - Ringtone BGM

Vidya Vox - Butterfly Lyrics - Ringtone BGM

Official music Lyrics for the original single "Butterfly" by Vidya Vox from the Mad Dream EP

Lyrics 🦋 Butterfly 🦋

I been in this deep slumber now
Could have been months or days,
who knows, there’s no way

They say get lost, find yourself
But what if you forget
where you come from, on the way

I spin around
I take a breath
I feel the earth
And let it out

Lookin in the mirror
Words appear
My reflection (says)

Show your colors
Breathe in the sunlight
Nooo, don’t be afraid
If you become a Butterfly

I watch the shell fall away
Let my wings unfold
with stories untold

Chasing fragrance far away
Living this new life
Shimmering in gold

Breathe in the, breathe in the sunlight

Lyrics by - Vidya Vox

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